Software Development and Consultancy

Software DevelopmentWhether you require the development of custom written software, or you have an existing team of software developers and require additional resource, we are here to help.
We have been involved with companies of all sizes, working on the development of software that runs on all platforms, from small, handheld based devices to company-wide, or even global systems.

  • Internet based systems that can be accessed globally serving customers worldwide or employees needing to gain access to internal systems while out on the road.
  • Systems running within the company such as those used for sharing information, or planning and keeping track of day to day, business critical information.
  • Handheld based systems to automate point of sale.
  • Asset management systems that allow managers to control and track their equipment, whether it is tools or large plant machinery.
  • Systems that help save money by automating repetitive or time consuming tasks.
  • Real time systems for providing split second communication with hardware such as access control systems.
  • Configuration and monitoring tools to ease the day to day job of administering network system and shared resources.

Having been involved within this diverse range of business areas, and being able to draw on over 25 years’ of experience, we are sure we have the right solution for you.

Custom Written Software

We are able to write software to meet virtually any business requirement.

  • You may have a repetitive manual process which currently occupies resources that could be more efficiently used elsewhere.
  • Perhaps you have an application that has already been written for you, but for which you no longer have support or the ability to have modifications or updates performed, for instance, to meet new requirements within your business or to make the application more user friendly.
  • You may want to improve your accessibility to your customers and allow them to get information about your products and services over the internet, take orders, or manage memberships/accounts freeing up the need to have large numbers of staff available to take telephone calls.

We pride ourselves on developing software systems that not only make the best of the available technology and fulfil the business requirement, but are also easy to use for the people who have to operate them on a day to day basis, no matter what the complexity of the task they are performing.

By gaining a good understanding of your requirements through initial discussion and then following a good software design and development process, our skills can be applied to virtually any situation to provide you with a solid, future-proof, working and supported software solution.


We provide support for clients who already have a software development team, but require additional personnel. This may be required to enable deadlines to be met that would not be possible with the existing team, or there may be an area within the software where there is no in-house expertise. You may only need a few hours’ consultancy to help guide your development team towards a solution to a problem, or you may need longer term help to get your large scaled project released. The requirement is usually somewhere between these two scenarios and employing a permanent member of staff is not the most cost effective solution.

Work can be carried out either at a client’s site, or from our own fully equipped office. When working remotely, we ensure the customer is kept up to date with current status of the project, and where required, meetings take place to ensure the project progresses smoothly.

We specialise in development using C# and the Microsoft.NET framework across all platforms, whether it be ASP.NET for internet/intranet based systems, right down to the compact framework for handheld devices. However, our skills and experience doesn’t stop there, so if you need that extra pair of hands, please get in touch so we can discuss just how we can help you.

We’re here and ready to talk about your needs, give us a call on 01425 477462 or drop us an email.